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Florida Fringe Tourism
Discover fun things to do in Florida and haunted places to visit in Florida at Florida Fringe Tourism.
Bigfoot Lunch Club – Dave Shealy’s Skunk Ape Research in the News 401
About.Com – Paranormal Phenomena 275
The Forgotten Compass 180
Dave Shealy’s Gorilla Supplier 288
Mellonbmx 241
Tripadvisor 226
City Profilej-Skunk Ape Research Headquarters 208
Travel & Leisure Magazine-Kitschiest Roadside Attractions in America 370
Skunk Ape Festival 2011 301
Reality TV falls in love with SW Florida Swamp People 488
Nat Geo Wild 556
Dave Shealy Gets A Reality TV Show On Discovery Channel 490
Skunk ape:The Legend of the Florida Everglades 432
Unsolved Mysteries:Florida Everglades Skunk Ape 461
Stonehouse Reunion at Skunk Ape 2005 220
Skunk Ape; Featuring Nate Martin 427
Skunk Ape Cast 202
Giant Panther Statue 243
The Mighty Skunk Ape 273
Skunk Ape Research Headquarters 303
Photo of the Skunk Ape 335
SYFY-Fact or Fake:Paranormal Files-Skunk Ape 207
Skunk Ape Documentary…Everglades, FL 316
Skunk Ape “The Truth Files”-Government Hype 237
“The Truth Files”-Killing Skunk Apes 263
Skunk Ape “The Truth Files”-The Men In Black 238
Skunk Ape “The Truth Files”-How To Catch A Skunk Ape 242
Skunk Ape – Short Documentary (Florida’s Bigfoot) 404
Geocaching-The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site
Skunk Ape in the ONF?
David Shealy Interviewed About The Skunk Ape 475
Dave Shealy deep in the Everglades 479
The Skunk Ape in Florida
The Facts on The Stinky Creature
Paranormal TV-Skunk Ape in Florida 1003
Florida Bigfoot Hunter 686
Destination Truth-Swamp Ape, part 5 549
Atlas Obscura
A compendium of The World’s Wonders, Curiosities & Esoterica
Paranormal TV & Skunk Ape in Florida
Dave Shealy’s original footage taken in 2000 of Skunk Ape in the Big Cypress Preserve.
Gulfshore Life-Summer of 2009 438
The Skunk Ape Files – Florida’s Bigfoot 541
Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, Ochopee, Florida 645
Destination Truth 530
MONSTER SPOTTER’S- Guide to North America
Pick up some pointers on the mighty Skunk Ape like the fact that it enjoys stealing “pots of lima beans”. “Oh…and it smells like something found in a dumpster”.
Outdoor Talk-Skunk Ape Gardens
Mystery of the Skunk Ape-Spending time with legendary creature’s biggest fan
Southeast Sasquatch Association 12-5-2007
Review: Bigfoot Quest 12-4-2007
Blogtalkradio 12-4-2007
Skunk Ape of Florida
Add It To The List
Black Friday-Everglades Style
Official Reportedly Explains Away “Orangutan”
Paranormal Phenomena
Metro Pulse
In Search of…Skunk Ape
The Bigfoot Forums
‘The Skunk Ape’ of Florida
Florida may be home to Skunk Ape, other mythical creatures…
Our Strange World
In Search of the Skunk Ape…
Roadside America
Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, Ochopee, Florida
Clear Image Radio
WBZT Channel 1230AM…Dave Shealy, Florida Skunk Ape
Florida International University Alumni
‘Chasing Footprints’…a documentary film, winning the best International Student Film Award
Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
Submitted by Diane Stocking-BFRO Investigator on Wednesday, October 28, 1998.
Roadside America: Skunk Ape Research Headquarters
You may be surprised to learn that the most likely place to see an American Bigfoot, outside of the Pacific Northwest, is in the Florida Everglades.
Skunk ape: Shealy claims to have new photos of elusive legend
Saturday, September 12, 1998 by Michael McCormack, Staff Writer
Smelly Bigfoot: The Skunk Ape Paranormal Phenomena
Southern Skunk Ape Research Center
The Southeastern Skunk Ape Research Center is focused on solving the mystery surrounding the mysterious creature commonly known as “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch.”
The Florida Skunk Ape
The official home and largest collection of Florida Skunk Ape sightings, reports, links and information on the Internet.
The New York Times Student Journalism Institute
The Swamps Are Alive With the Legend of the Skunk Ape By ARELIS R. HERNÁNDEZ

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