Skunk Ape Habitat

Evidence suggest that Skunk Apes spend a great deal of time in underground caverns or alligator caves. Many people believe that methane gas emitted by decaying matter in these low lying areas are what gives the Skunk Ape it’s unique skunky/rotten egg odor. Alligator caves are easily located in times of low water in the Everglades. Search cypress swamps and willow outcrops in the grasslands and marsh.   sa04-draw
Skunk Ape bedding areas are a good source of information. These bedding areas often provide researchers with hair samples, tracks and droppings. These beds can be located in dry, shady areas. Look for dry leaves and twigs piled approximately one foot tall and six foot in diameter. You can estimate the population of Skunk Apes in an area by the number of fresh beds in close proximity of each other. If the leafy branches that make up the bed are green, this means the bed is fresh. In times of extremely high water Skunk Ape bedding can be found in the bows of trees.



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