Skunk Ape Factfile

Skunk Ape is a large hairy, bipedal (meaning they walk on two legs) mammal that calls the Everglades home. Castings of their tracks confirm they have four toes. Male Skunk Apes stand up to 7 feet tall and can weigh more than 350 pounds. Females are considerably smaller, standing 5 – 6 feet tall and weigh 180 – 250 pounds. Both male and female are covered with reddish-black fur.

Most confirmed Skunk Ape sightings report an individual animal however, increasing sightings reported claim to have seen several Skunk Apes traveling together. These groups also known as troops are becoming more common.

Skunk Ape sightings are reported throughout Florida. It is estimated between 7 to 9 Skunk Apes live in the Everglades area. These sightings suggest the highest concentration inhabit the Florida Everglades. Big Cypress National Preserve offers the best opportunity for researchers to locate Skunk Apes. Skunk Apes are very elusive. They also have exceptional hearing as well as the ability to climb trees and swim in order to evade detection or capture.

Skunk Apes lead a nomadic, hunter/gatherer existence. Often times Skunk Apes are sighted in close proximity of large cities. In one instance a Skunk Ape reportedly ran across I-75 in broad daylight. If you choose to concentrate your search efforts near metropolitan areas, golf courses and state and city parks offer your best opportunities although these sighting are rare.

Although there have been numerous incidences of hunting camps being destroyed and several shots have been fired by people claiming “self defense”, there is no factual evidence of a Skunk Ape attacking anyone; however, if you are attacked, defend yourself by any means possible.

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