Skunk Ape Diet

Skunk Apes are omnivorous. This means their diet consists of both meat and plants. Due to analysis of Skunk Ape droppings it is well documented during the months of March through May that Skunk Apes frequent wading bird nesting areas, known as rookeries, feeding on flightless nestlings. Skunk Apes also capture and eat fish, reptiles and large mammals including; deer and wild hog.



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Gathering a giant leather fern

A variety of edible plants also grow in the Everglades, such as the giant leather fern, cabbage palm, pond apple, acorn, and hog plum, just to name a few. During the months of September and October Skunk Apes can be located in saw palmetto hammocks feeding on their bountiful berries. During the months of November and December Skunk Apes frequent oak forest in search of acorns. During the months of January and February Skunk Apes are on the move searching for whatever is available during these colder months. If you are planning an expedition it is helpful to know what food sources are in season as this will increase your chances of an encounter.

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