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This page contains links to a number of Press Articles about or referencing SkunkApe.Info, Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, or Dave Shealy.

Web Link Hits
ABC 7 – Legend of the Skunk ape has ties to the Suncoast 147
The Miami Herald – T.V. looks at South Florida 160
Canada Metro News – The Keys to Road Trip Fun 143
GO:Air Tran Inflight Magazine – Swamp Thing 136
Governor backs off oil drilling in the Everglades 164
Naples Daily News March 2012:Getting a Foot Out The Door 132
Brent Batten:Filming Skunk Ape proving problematic 334
Miami New Times-Spend the Long Weekend with Skunk Ape Research Center 422
Spammy Jammy 2011 400
The Daily Pulp-Miss Skunk Ape Pageant Planned 461
Miami New Times: Creature Feature 185
Brent Batten: Reality TV goes in search of the Skunk Ape 161
The Daily Show 353
Hamish & Andy’s American Caravan of Courage 188
The UK Sunday Times: Summer in the USA 158
Coastal Breeze-Push Poling or Everythin Old is New Again
Features, Jack Shealy (Dave’s son)& Everglades Adventure Tours
Easy to get lost, stay lost in the Everglades 325
CBS4 Goes In Search Of The Skunk Ape 295
Life Along The Tamiami Trail
Miami Herald
A Florida Search For The Elusive Skunk Ape
CBS News
BBC News 3-6-1998
World: Americas, The abominable swampman
The Baker County Press, Inc.
‘Just what’s loose out there in the woods? The world waits…’
Miami Herald Nov.2007,Susan Cocking’s News
South Florida has the Skunk Ape…
The Ledger 10-28-2007
‘The Skunk Ape’ of Florida
Florida Today 10-23-2007
Monster or make believe?
Naples Daily News 7/3/2007
Traveling into the ‘Glades’…Jungle adventure in our backyard
Naples Daily News 7-5-2007
The Farmer File: Michigan counters our Skunk Ape with it’s own
Reuters – 3-2-2007
Skunk ape tracker seeks to protect the creature
Marco Island News
Skunk Ape, Cousin of Bigfoot?
World Net Daily Exclusive Commentary 6-19-2004
Repeal the Endangered Species Act
Naples Daily News 9-22-2005
Shealy Sighting-Skunk ape expert spotted by Travel Channel
‘Living Today’-Lake City Reporter 9-26-1997
The Legend of the Skunk Ape
520 Skunk Ape Movie to Debut
Marco Island Sun Times

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