Hunt The Skunkape

Everglades Skunk Ape Expedition

Skunk Ape Research Headquarters has a special announcement to make.
Dave Shealy is making arrangements to allow for 5 people to go on a
Skunk Ape expedition with him sometime between Thanksgiving and
Christmas of 2014. It’s a once in a life time excursion in which Dave
will invite you to his house to try his home cook meal of frog legs,
fish, etc. and go out in the field to track Skunk Apes in The
Everglades! Dave has recently appeared on the Weather Channels Tornado
Alley and a write up in the Smithsonian magazine on behalf the Skunk
Ape. Dave is considered the leading expert on Floridas elusive Skunk
Ape with over 40 years of in-field experience in the Florida
Everglades. This excursion is priced at $500 per person for an
exciting 2 day adventure that may include airboats, swamp buggys,
swamp walks and possible Skunk Ape sightings.
Single day hunts are available by request.

Contact for
more information .
Lodging, food, and entertainment included.